Friday, October 29, 2010

cracks in the pavement underneath my shoe

i woke up early today to decorate for halloween. it was so freaking cold and windy outside that my hands quickly became numb.

my sister didn't want the house to look too much halloween so we picked out decorations we could also use for thanksgiving. hitting two birds with one stone.

we got the pumpkins (yes, they're real) at kroger and the wooden crate (i really love wooden crates), hay and that broom thing in the back at a.c. moore.

we got this fake web thing at target, which i "draped" on the walls, windows and on that wreath. my hands are super numb because of that web thing and soon after decorating, i sat beside a heater to warm my hands.

all we need to do is remove those webs and we're ready for thanksgiving.

music fix: solitude is bliss by tame impala

from the bows of the bowery to the bustle of bombay

We saw this on our way to the mall yesterday. Randomness. Halloween's definitely coming up.

Music Fix: Freaks (Hedwig and the Angry Inch cover) by Imperial Teen

Thursday, October 28, 2010


okay, i'm typing this as they're announcing the winner and i am quite disappointed. i really do think that it's just between gretchen and mondo, but mondo definitely put on a fantastical, whimsical yet dramatic fashion show and collection. gretchen's was wearable, yes, and actually i think she and i share a similar aesthetic but it looked very safe (don't even let me start on andy's).

anyway, this is what i thought of the final three collections. i was really rooting for mondo and i believe he deserves the title more than gretchen.

photos from: tom and lorenzo

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

baby won't you show me warmth again

i woke up to a very foggy morning.

there was a tornado warning last night and this crazy fog might have been caused by that.

after about 15 minutes, the fog started to clear and the sunlight began to come out.

i went back inside to see sophia, my niece, being fed breakfast by her nanny.

she likes staring at the trees outside the living room window.

music fix: sun hands by local natives

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

you hear the day beckoning

mornings are so inspiring.

music fix: come back home by two door cinema club

Monday, October 25, 2010

oh lately, it's so quiet in this place

this is how i spend my mornings here in roanoke.

i love fall.

music fix: oh lately it's so quiet by ok go

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

would life itself stay or follow me

at paeng's bowl and billiards room in eastwood, september 2010

music fix: lightspeed by matt & kim

deathray, deathray

after so long, i finally have copies of crystal castles' albums! i started listening to crystal castles late 2008 and ever since then, they've been my absolute favorite band in the universe. it's my dream to see them perform live. my friend judd and i have been recreating their infamous debut album cover every chance we get.

taken june 2010 outside members only during the SoFA graduation show after party (photo by nissy san jose).

at mcdonald's greenbelt, august 2010 (photo by samantha lee).

at the SoFA term-ender party at ponti, september 2010.

music fix: doe deer by crystal castles

cast as a wish into a well with no sound

one morning in maryland.

music fix: windstorm by school of seven bells

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

from dusk 'till dawn

from dusk 'till dawn
fold canela x melanie lim's fashion editorial final project for basic fashion styling under ms marina benipayo, school of fashion and the arts
march 2010
styling and make-up:
melanie lim
concept, photography and art direction:
fold canela
iya consengco and bianca lim

for our styling class's finals presentation, our professor, renowned supermodel marina benipayo, invited patrick ty, mega magazine's then fashion editor, to critique our works. famous fashion stylist luis espiritu also dropped by and joined them. as they were going around our room and looking at the class's projects, mel and i were praying that they don't say anything bad about our project, that hopefully they would at least appreciate what we came up with. while they were looking at our project, we both noticed that they were all whispering to each other and looked at our project the longest. eventually, we had to say a little something about our project and listen to what they had to say. i found myself buckling, trying to find the right words to explain our concept, which is something i didn't really prepare for. we were really nervous that the judges won't get our concept. but lo and behold, patrick ty and luis espiritu commended us for a very professional looking project. all three even said that our editorial looked as if it was really shot for mega magazine and that it was certainly ready to be published. they liked the trend we presented (shiny neutrals), the models we got and the shots we used for the editorial. awesome!

clothes & accessories from: waterlilies, i love dresses and schizo
song lyrics from: bloc party's she's hearing voices
shot on location at: bonifacio high street
special thanks to: joseph pascual, gabbie sarenas and yeoh egwaras

music fix: courtship dating by crystal castles