Thursday, February 17, 2011

roll kid, rock your body off

a few weeks back, i read about the oxygen x status magazine tee off contest. oxygen currently has a line of photographic tees and they were looking for four new designs which will be part of their summer collection. i decided to try my luck with the contest and sent in three entries.




anyway, a few days after the contest deadline, i got a call from status magazine that one of my shirts was chosen to be part of the four designs that they are going to sell in april and will be featured in a status magazine editorial! i was super excited because i that's first time i won anything major, haha!

i took that photo when i was in new york. check it out on oxygen's tumblr!

so i won a sony ericsson x10 mini phone which i will claim tomorrow. awesome! thank you to oxygen and status magazine for this! i can't wait to see the final tee in april!

also, do check out sofa's official blog, fibre!

i'm one of their contributing students/faculty, haha i'm still not sure which category i belong to!

music fix: phenomena by yeah yeah yeahs

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  1. IKAW NA ANG OVERACHIEVER! Hahaha so glad aka proud to be your friend x