Saturday, February 12, 2011

we feel the same impact on arrival and embrace

last friday night, my elementary classmates and i held our 10- (well, actually 11) year reunion.

(left to right) cd, sam, migo, dazha, sir efren (our grade 5 class adviser), camille, lisa, edgar, kit, jomar, francis and special guests marie and ira (both of whom were our high school classmates)

less than half of our batch came. the reunion was originally scheduled in april but we decided to hold it this early since one of our classmates, lisa, is on vacation here from the us. we held the reunion at kit's place, forever party venue.

as contribution, lisa made jello shots for everyone. it wasn't as jelly-like as we hoped but it still served its purpose.

the tres marias: lisa, camille and dazha. one of our teachers named them that after the three stars on orion's belt. how elementary, haha!

cd, who's now a pre-school teacher, camille, who currently works in meralco, and ira, who works at one of the banks in the fort (haha, sorry i forgot!)

what i wore:
suede bomber jacket | zara
oversized tank | t by alexander wang
skinny trousers | topman
boots | doc martens

close up shot of my "customized" dm's.

kit had these awesome tapestries draped on one of their walls. instant photobooth!

pose peg: awkward.

camille, lisa (the balikbayan, haha) and ira

ira banks

even though we weren't complete and that i had to leave early despite the fact that i came late, i think we all had fun catching up with each other. each one told fond memories of our elementary days. of course, it wouldn't be a reunion without a playlist of all the songs we used to listen to, including better off alone, 5,6,7,8 and space jam.

also, we all had fun watching a certain youtube video (wink, wink).

ps: spot the hipster at the back.

music fix: the same space by the klaxons

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