Friday, October 29, 2010

cracks in the pavement underneath my shoe

i woke up early today to decorate for halloween. it was so freaking cold and windy outside that my hands quickly became numb.

my sister didn't want the house to look too much halloween so we picked out decorations we could also use for thanksgiving. hitting two birds with one stone.

we got the pumpkins (yes, they're real) at kroger and the wooden crate (i really love wooden crates), hay and that broom thing in the back at a.c. moore.

we got this fake web thing at target, which i "draped" on the walls, windows and on that wreath. my hands are super numb because of that web thing and soon after decorating, i sat beside a heater to warm my hands.

all we need to do is remove those webs and we're ready for thanksgiving.

music fix: solitude is bliss by tame impala

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