Saturday, October 9, 2010

no regrets, just love

my friend roanne had her second shooting day for her thesis last october 2. she was supposed to graduate a semester earlier, but almost all of her blockmates decided to take their time shooting their respective short films.

i promised her i'd come to one of her shoots to help out. i wasn't able to read the script prior to the shoot so i tried to do a rundown of the sequences we were to shoot that day. her film title's a mouthful but it ran along the lines of ang ika-tatlongpung kaarawan ni susan.

joma was my thesis partner two years ago. roanne got him as production designer for her thesis. production design was an aspect of filmmaking i really focused on back when i was still a student. i think joma and i really make an awesome pd team.

this is what we do in between takes. sasha is one-half of the film's wardrobe team.

kimie is roanne's assistant director.

here she is blocking two of the actors for the first sequence to be shot for the day.

today's cinematographer is aaron.

and this is the camera he's shooting with for roanne's film. two years ago, we all had to rent really big, heavy and expensive cameras, whether film or digital, to shoot our theses. now, almost everyone goes for the hd video function on high-end dslrs. the quality is more or less the same but costs really cheap to rent. roanne borrowed this dslr from my friend joseph, i think.

oh by the way, roanne's working part-time as a barista at a starbucks in las pinas.

kimie always manages to catch gorgeous light!

first shot of the day.

this is donna. she's also part of the pd team.

we moved outside to shoot the next couple of sequences.

since thesis films are usually low-budget, everyone multi-tasks. sometimes the director also serves as the cinematographer. i've heard of one thesis in which the director was also the production designer. donna and whammy also served as extras for roanne's film.

here's joma modeling my cardigan as a cape, hahaha!

while they were shooting a sequence which invloved balloons, the pd team went to the next location, in mandaluyong, to prepare. oh did i mention that our first location is in alabang? travel time was around 2 hours. there were some miscommunication between roanne's logistics and the location which further delayed the shoot. anywho, i wasn't able to take much bts photos after that because we were moving double time to finish the shoot. we had a 12 midnight deadline to finish all the sequences.

this is kim c. she's also shooting her thesis this semester.

lara is the other half of the wardrobe team.

and this is kim a. being haggard in a shoot is not an excuse to not look good.

whammy is allowed to dilly-dally...

... kimie isn't.

in the end, roanne wasn't able to shoot two sequences, but i think she already found a way to, in the words of tim gunn, make it work. so good luck with your defense roanne! i'm sure you're gonna do amazing!

music fix: teenage dream by katy perry

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