Sunday, October 17, 2010

fall through like change in the daylight

i just arrived at my sister's place here in roanoke, va. i left for the u.s. last wednesday and arrived 20 hours later in washington. since my sister and her husband had duties at the hospital they work for, i had to stay with my aunt in maryland for a couple of days.

this is my first time to go to the u.s. not taking cathay pacific. i flew via korean air and obviously, our stopover was at korea. the airport at incheon looked very similar to hong kong's, only smaller.

i was surprised to find out that korea is just 3 hours away. the plane arrived around 5:30 a.m. my flight to washington was at 10 a.m. i spent my first hour in korea panicking because i didn't have reception on my iphone. luckily, the airport has free wifi. i slept for about an hour after, while waiting for the shops and restaurants to open.

i wanted to eat at kfc but it was closed that day (i think). i had this instead: a cafe latte and an english muffin at lente. there were a lot of shops in the airport selling beauty products. the most advertised beauty product would have to be bb cream. i remember my friends dave and gabbie raving about it. when i saw a guy (presumably an actor) as its endorser on posters, i became curious about it. i'm thinking of buying one when i go back to korea on my way home to manila.

oh, some crazy drama happened in the plane on my way to the u.s. i was sitting next to a father (about 60 y.o.) and a son (around 35 y.o.). the father kept on asking for red wine. at some point, he started speaking loudly to his son and even hitting him on the head. his son got pissed and moved to another seat. the father, who was now super drunk, still kept on asking for red wine. without looking at him directly, i could feel that he was saying random shit while looking at me. he reached for a pack of cigarettes, got one and started to light it. i got scared so i immediately pushed the button for the stewardesses and informed them about what the father has been up to. i asked to be transferred to another seat after.

i hope that that never happens to me again. i don't like dealing with drunk people, ever. at least i arrived safe.

music fix: daylight by matt & kim

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