Sunday, December 26, 2010

anticipation has a habit to set you up

more snow photos. this was my first time seeing and experiencing snow. i felt like a kid in a toy store.

on the first day of snow in roanoke, my sister and i had lunch out. when we went outside the restaurant, this was what we saw.

i tried my best to not smile and get kilig, but i couldn't help it.

it was just so beautiful.

i felt like i was inside a snow globe. or that the world is a giant halo-halo.

i swear, there's something about snowing that suddenly changes people's moods. everyone seemed perkier and happier. there was even this one guy who went up to me while i was taking photos and started to describe one of his experiences with snow.

after getting some groceries at the supermarket next door, my sister and i headed home and this was what we found...

my sister's backyard has the most spectacular view during fall. seeing it covered in snow seemed so surreal.

the snow continued to fall that afternoon and night. the next day, i saw this...

it was more than two inches thick! it didn't snow anymore after that and it took about five days for the snow to melt. i want to experience snowing again but with my friends. it would be awesome to make snowmen, snow angels and all those stuff i'd watch on american christmas films.

music fix: arctic monkeys' the view from the afternoon

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