Monday, December 27, 2010

razzle 'n a dazzle 'n a flash a little light

i went to trinoma today to get a new pair of pants for the coming term at sofa (wink, wink).

what i wore:
vintage baseball jacket | abercrombie & fitch
v-neck tee | carter
skinny trousers | topman
wingtips | american eagle outfitters
silver dogtag and cross necklace | american eagle outfitters
pocket watch necklace | topman

i am super in love with that baseball jacket. even though it's the trend now, the colors used makes it a little bit classic. the sleeves are longer than the body, which i like. i got it right after the black friday sale in the us last november and it was $30 off the original price!

the pocket watch necklace from topman is actually a working watch. i got it earlier this year i think and seldom used it.

i've had my eye on these shoes by american eagle outfitters since january. i love living here in the philippines and all but i'm just annoyed that a lot of the foreign brands i really like don't offer shipping to here. i was finally able to get a pair last october and i'm in love with them. they're pretty cheap too!

ps: dear starbucks trinoma rooftop, this is not how you spell my name. kthnxbye.


music fix: def leppard's pour some sugar on me


  1. zomg i usually cringe at a&f and american eagle lol but you made them look nice!

  2. Uhm. They spell mine John!
    HAHA. Hoy I miss you. Bet ko jacket mo!

  3. awwww, thanks BJ! :D i actually despise their graphic tees but american eagle has some really nice shoes at okay prices :)

    HOY JUDD. yun lang haha. balik ka na ditooo please.