Monday, December 27, 2010

i've been coming awake with all this love she gives me

last tuesday, right after the VEENEX christmas brunch, i shot the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of a family friend. it was kinda funny that it was held at this events place right in front of my high school.

it was my first time shooting a wedding and i think i did pretty okay. that also served as practice for a bigger wedding i'm going to shoot in february.

since i was shooting it, i asked if i could dress in something that would allow me to move easier than regular wedding attire. so this was what i ended up wearing:

tuxedo jacket | h&m
oversized psycho tee | heather miss grey x bleach catastrophe
cuffed drop crotch carrot-fit trousers | topman
suede desert boots | clark's
wooden heart necklace | urban outfitters
metal spring bracelets | daiso
silver rings | topman
watch | technomarine

that h&m blazer is a steal at just $29.99! the quality's pretty steady and i like the fact that it's light enough to wear here in manila. bleach catastrophe is my favorite local clothing brand. i love how they manage to come out with new silhouettes for the t-shirt. hmm, i might do a separate blog entry about them soon. also, i realized i've been wearing the same pair of shoes for almost all my outfit shots, haha. i love those boots so much!

i'm really looking forward to the wedding i'm going to shoot in february. i'm also doing the pre-nuptial photos. scared and excited!

music fix: chase mcbride's as good love goes

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