Thursday, December 23, 2010

i can stand by my pillar of hope and trust that our heads won't bust

i was lucky enough to be allowed to go to new york alone last november 12 to 15. traveling alone is exciting and sad at the same time. i had no one to take photos of my outfits. sigh.

my mom and i went to new york last year and i was able to familiarize myself with the subway routes. this time, i stayed at a hostel in soho, just a five-minute walk from the topshop/topman store in broadway & broome. i usually ride the 6 train going uptown since that was the nearest to where i stayed. these were the same trains jennifer lopez rode in when she was still jenny from the block.

a failed attempt at street style photography.

i just love how each of the different neighborhoods in manhattan have their own personalities. soho is obviously the artsy/hipster one.

i had breakfast in the middle of times square. i love how the mcdonald's stores in the area look different from each other. one particular branch i ate at was an old theater which they converted into a sort of dark, industrial, broadway-inspired mcdonald's. lovely.

i wanted to go several museums but only managed to go to three: museum of modern art, metropolitan museum and the the museum at the fashion institute of technology (duh!). i spent an afternoon also in central park.

new york during fall is amazing. i will come back next year... hopefully!

music fix: mgmt's flash delirium

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