Monday, January 3, 2011


the first two weeks of january is gonna be very busy for me. i'm rushing a lot of stuff before the 17th. sigh. here's my worried pose.

judd came back from olongapo last night. this is our first technohub brunch of 2011. sam, you were missed!

my mum wants the starbucks planner, but she doesn't like any of the holiday drinks. so being the good son that i am (ha!), i volunteered to finish the required number of drinks to be purchased. after about two weeks, i finally completed her promo card thing.

as with most of our technohub brunches, massive amounts of nicotine were consumed.

our friend gian abrahan followed after having his passport photo taken.

he read us several poems by anne sexton who committed suicide in 1974.
"as for me, i am a watercolor.
i wash off."
(for my lover, returning to his wife by anne sexton)

judd felt her despair...

... not really, haha.

being hipsters, we live by and surround ourselves with the hipster triangle. case in point, gian's man purse.

what i wore:
knitted hoodie | t by alexander wang
carrot-fit trousers | topman
belt | hollister
loafers | clark's

i wanted something comfortable today. good thing i decided to wear that hoodie since it was pretty windy all day.

music fix: empire of the sun's country


  1. Nagpakulay pala ng buhok si Judd???

    Napaka-non sequitur ng passport photo anecdote, ok?

    I love what you're wearing. If I were a dude, I'd wear this. Actually, I think my keps would appreciate it also.

  2. Tangina ang dami mo nang Alexander Wang Bang Bang! Jealz haha

    Kaya pala kagalang-galang si Gian that day haha miss you guyz already!

    Yes Kim! Brown brown brown! Pero ang tunay nating abangan ay ang pagpapakulay ng buhok ni Gian!

    See you tomorrow! I have kwento:)