Saturday, January 15, 2011

when we were seventeen, the sky was always tangerine

my friends and i went on a semi-spontaneous tagaytay road trip last thursday.

we all met up at whistlestop along jupiter street and left by 9:30am. we got to tagaytay about two hours after. cai, our designated driver, brought us first to canyon woods.

that's cai, chamcham, cheezee and eunice.

we drove around the area and saw one of the most amazing things ever:

outfit shots happened:





what i wore:
jacket | marc by marc jacobs
knitted henley sweater | h&m
skinny jeans | nobody
sneakers | vans
aviator eyeglasses | gianfranco ferre

oh yes, it had to be done.

what's really in eunice's bag.

we drove around again and saw a second hanging bridge. we weren't sure where the first one was.

cheezee went first.

cai joined her and they both started jumping on the bridge. everyone got scared to go on the bridge after.

token tourista nature shots.


cheezee doesn't like having her photo taken.

coming soon:

we had lunch in jospehines and stayed in starbucks after. by 6pm, we were on our way back to manila. cai wanted to have dinner at wabi-sabi inside the collective. unfortunately, we got there too late and they didn't have any food left. bummer. but really it was depressing.

we got potato wedges, onion rings and carrot sticks (whaddup) at wingman instead. we also ordered fish balls from this cart.

got a round of drinks at b-side where a couple of bands were playing. good thing they didn't charge an entrance fee.

travis, cai and dave.

music fix: jj's new work


  1. Love the quonset shots! We have to go and shoot there soon hahaha

    PS: Te, nasa website ka ng Oxygen haha! BONGGA. Pa-sponsor ka na hahaha


  3. @Nissy: OMG YES! drive us to tagaytay, tengs! hahaha
    oo! in-endeavor ko talaga yun k, hahahaha!