Friday, January 7, 2011

my mercury's on retrograde

i woke up past 11am today and felt that something was off. i texted my friend kit if she wanted to meet up and by 6pm, i found myself in teachers' village.

we had tea at moonleaf while discussing a "project" i'm doing for her, well her brother, and plans for our elementary class reunion.

we walked back to her house after two rounds of beer and oysters at delish.

this is kit. we've been friends since we were in grade 1. that's more than half our lives!

i haven't been to her place since september last year and was surprised to see this on their gate. she told me that this was painted by the same guy who did the dolphin/the cove murals in ortigas and that he's planning to paint a particular number of dolphins around manila to raise awareness for the documentary the cove. kit said that he was able to paint 58 dolphins for their two gates.

we went inside and found tala, her niece. she was only a couple of months old when i last saw her. she just turned one two weeks ago.

i persuaded kit to take photos of my outfit while the barangay tanod at the outpost behind us watched.

trapper hat | american eagle outfitters
tee | crystal castles
skinny jeans | nobody
trainers | adidas
aviator eyeglasses | gianfranco ferre

i seriously wouldn't have survived winter in the us without that hat.

i consider these my gym shoes.

i found this makeshift wall made out of galvanized corrugated metal roofing (aka yero) near ministop maginhawa.

i couldn't resist it. i was already wearing their tee, so why not?

even though i'm already home, i still feel that there's some force in the universe that's bringing me down. hmmm.

music fix: block party's mercury


  1. I'm passing on to you the Versatile Blogger Award! All you have to do is visit my blog & follow the steps! :)


  2. u know i live in front of that dolphin gate!

  3. @ziggy: hahahaha yuh! i told my friend about you, naku-curious siya, aabangan ka daw niya minsan HAHA