Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the fear and the yearing, it's gonna eat you alive

photo by the ever-amazing joseph pascual.

wore this last week when i met up with joseph and other friends at up film institute. i miss being in up.

what i wore:
stripes sweater | banana republic
carrot-fit trousers | topman
boat shoes-style sneakers | vans
aviator eyeglasses | gianfranco ferre

two things about that photo:
1. it summarizes the way i'm feeling right now - stressed. being stressed actually helps me function better. i tend to accomplish more things when i'm pressured. but right now, i can't seem to juggle preparing lectures, doing photography/video rackets and trying to set up a really small business. strugs.
2. i got that sweater during my last trip to the us. that was actually the first time i wore it and i really love how it's a little bit big on me and it felt so comfortable. it's perfect for the current cold, breezy weather in manila. i saw the sweater a few days later, after being washed, and it shrunk so much. sayang!

joseph featured this in the powersnet blog by john robert powers. check it out here!

music fix: positive tension by bloc party

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