Thursday, January 6, 2011

today my heart swings

yesterday marked a huge step in my friend kaye morales's career - the opening of her atelier.

kaye started her clothing line schizo while she was still studying at sofa. we were both part of sofa's first batch of graduates last may 2010. since her days as a fashion student, a lot of her clothes have been featured in local fashion magazines and tv shows. she's constantly being featured in local magazines as one of the young designers to watch out for.

i got there just a few minutes before the blessing started.

sofa owners, ms amina aranaz-alunan and ms loralee baron-soong, were there for the ribbon cutting.

(left to right: models leo miranda and ervin david, cai, chamcham, cassie, ms loralee, kaye, ms amina, gabbie, mel, nino, noelle, and eunice)

and of course, the whole gang was there to support her.

what i wore:
bomber jacket | maison martin margiela
wifebeaters | ziggy savella
skinny trousers | topman
wingtips | american eagle outfitters
dogtags | from a bazaar in maryland
watch | timex
zipper bracelets | noelle llave
duffel bag | prada

my friends all wanted a photo-op with bekimon. cassie and chamcham even played a game of paper-rock-scissors to determine who was gonna ask him for a photo.

our friend marchie tamayo arrived a little later and catered the event (we kid).

cai (who i see on a weekly basis), noelle, mel and marchie (all of whom i haven't seen since september!)

pieces from kaye's graduation collection entitled queen of the octopodes.

amazing wall art, which shows kaye's fascination with octopuses.

the most amazing bathroom sink in the universe!

gabbie and darr... dave!

the peg for this photo was korean telenovelas, but kaye didn't get the memo, haha!

caption this.

i leave you with kaye's most exquisite mannequin.

congratulations kaye! your atelier is truly amazing! this is just the beginning of what i'm sure is going to be a very fruitful career. we heart you!

visit kaye's atelier at 8862 madrid building, sampaloc street, san antonio village, makati.

music fix: interpol's the heinrich maneuver

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